Last Night’s meet and greet at Healthy Smiles for Life’s beautiful office only confirmed my decision for being here, and I was thrilled to see that these two Texas dentists weren’t just hype. Dr. Stuart Nunnally was a Texas gentleman personified, and Lane Freeman is a caring and confidence boosting woman that I could talk to easily. Most of the information we needed to know was covered by evening’s end, and we even got to meet Dr.Huggins. All in all I left feeling more than satisfied with the people who’d be working on my teeth, and that merely increased my peace with all this.

This morning began early again, and we were back in the office at 7:30 AM to take care of a lot of the foundational work that needed to be done. Urine samples, blood draws, a full mouth series of x-rays, a one on one discussion with Dr. Freeman about what would be done and how, and a technologically modern cleaning of my teeth were all completed by about noon. What impressed me most throughout the morning was the caring kindness of the people I met there. Either Texas has an amazing abundance of wonderful people, or there is something here that we’ve lost in the great northeast. Over the course of the morning I also had a talk about God with almost every person I met–a talk not necessarily begun by me. How refreshing!

This afternoon was free time, so we decided to go out to have an authentic Mexican meal. We were pointed towards a ‘great’ little hole in the wall type of place next to a gas station by some of the employees of Healthy Smiles, and they were right. Lunch after fasting for 17 hours was great, and we think we should go back again at least once more before we leave. Also, since beans and guacamole are soft, I can probably handle them by sometime next week too. As for tomorrow, I have a massage at 10:00 AM (never had one before!) and then a personal consultation with Dr. Huggins about the results of today’s urine and blood tests. In particular these results intrigue me because they will give us a direction for the course of my recovery and some definite direction for the food I should be eating. I hope I’ll be able to write about that in a little more detail tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.

In the meantime, everyone should know that ‘notes from the caregiver’ (contributed by my caregiver husband!) will begin on Wednesday evening or Thursday, to update everyone while I’m out of commission. Recovery from surgery may take a few days, so those updates will depend on his job and how much time he has to write anything. I, on the other hand, will be sleeping off the surgery, and likely to be out of it as a result of the conscious sedation. Since I seldom sleep much more than four or five hours at night anymore anyhow, I’m hoping a few days of extra sleep may help my extreme fatigue.

Till tomorrow then.

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