Yesterday was a long day that extended long into the night. We got the day off early and well, and we were driven to Hartford, CT for our 1:05 PM flight by my in-laws. The hardest part there was saying goodbye to Joelle, so we managed that as quickly and as painlessly as possible. The airline people were exceedingly helpful and kind when they saw my walker though, and I realized it was one of the few times a handicap comes in handy (though not enough so as I’d like to keep it!)  The plane had a small problem, so we had a thirty minute delay before we got off, which also meant our layover in Dallas was a race to make the next flight. We made it, and Austin was only a short hop from there.

Once we landed again we collected our luggage (yes, it all made it!) and our rental car, and then headed off for Marble Falls. We planned to eat somewhere along the way, because it was now after seven and I hadn’t eaten since 11:00 AM that morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a place to eat till almost nine, because there was nothing but miles and miles of nothing along the way. The long, long sunset was beautiful on the plains though, and the view was worth the lack of food. We found food eventually and then stopped at a supermarket afterwards to get food for the condo we’d rented.

Too bad we couldn’t get into the condo! The office’s location wasn’t shown on our paperwork, and it took a 9:45 PM call to the manager to find him and our keys. It was 11:00 before we got to bed, which was tough on someone who’d started her day at 6:00 AM. Still, we’re here, and that’s all that counts. Tonight we have a 7:00 PM meet and greet at the dentists’ office, and we should also get the rest of the info on my schedule. I do know that my surgery will begin at 7:30 Wednesday morning with Dr. Lane Freeman. I’m sure more details will ensue from tonight’s meeting, so until then I’ll sign off. Thank you for all your prayers!

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