You can make fun of me all you want (I can handle it!), but Wednesday was the single best day of dental work I have ever undergone. With absolutely no insult to Dr. Freeman intended, I mean ‘best’ because I was totally out of it and don’t remember a thing! I hate trips to the dentist, but this conscious sedation thing was beyond what even I’d expected! Paul said I had to make several trips to the rest room, but I don’t remember that. He also said he was there at 1:00 and 3:00, but I don’t remember that either. What I do remember is a marvelous prayer by Dr. Freeman in the morning right before surgery and then waking up to the most delicious smoothie I’d ever tasted that afternoon. The rest is totally gone, and thankfully so.


This morning (they tell me it’s Thursday!) I woke up around 3:00 AM, got up to use the rest room, and discovered I was hungry. My faithful caregiver got up with me, got me some acceptable food (it’s a good thing I love deviled eggs!), and gave me another pain pill. I fell back to sleep and managed to sleep till 6:30 AM, and then got up to start the day. We went back to see Dr. Nunnally for a quick check-up, and then I got hooked back up for my second intravenous Vitamin C treatment. That took from 9:15 to about 2:30, during which time I also had my second acupressure treatment. From there we came home to the condo and, surprise of surprises, I lay down and took another nap. I feel like I’m catching up on months of sleep, and that alone is worth the trip. But what about my walking?


Well, for only my first full day since surgery, I’ve discovered that I can take a few steps without any help-no husband’s arm, no walker, no wall needed. I’m not going to push it, but it’s a very good first sign. As for tonight, after talking to Joelle, I’m going to finish the laundry I’m doing and then go back to bed.


P.S. For all you who are praying, please extend your prayers to encompass my mother-in-law, Judy, who, on top of watching my daughter, had to start another round of chemotherapy again today. I love her for her willingness to take on this child-watching thing in the first place, but even more so after she found out she’d have to start on chemo again while we were away. God bless her.

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