Hey, guess what? Take a visit to the dentist, add in few new pain pills, and voila: instant sleep! I finally got my much wanted (and needed) sleep, even if it was only four hours. The thing was, it was four straight hours, and I awoke feeling immensely better. This afternoon I was able to add in a good hour nap as well, and tonight I’m a new person. Happier, healthier, and definitely less harried. I’ve had an up close and personal view of sleep deprivation, and have a better understanding of why it was often used as a method of torture in prison camps. I don’t exactly feel tortured, but a few more days of that and I might have. I have to apologize for focusing so much on my sleeping patterns, but I guess it’s part and parcel with the whole experience here. What has happened along the way is probably something that has happened to others as well, and it has relevance. Besides, I was taking you through this journey with me in an attempt to reach, and possibly teach, others too. Things go wrong sometimes, and there is no fault here. A tiny piece of food got lodged under a temporary crown and caused an infection; no one is to blame for that.


So, moving on, I wanted to take tonight to talk about our lessons and lectures. The first day was eye-opening, and unless Hal Huggins is a raving maniac, nearly everything I’ve ever learned about food and nutrition is totally belied by the blood chemistries we’ve been studying. Worse, most of it is intentional, and the people you think are defending you (like doctors, drug companies, and the FDA) are actually lying through their teeth. Some of this I’d already known, so it wasn’t a complete shock. Examples? You’ve already heard my opinions on all the drugs some doctors push. Add in all the companies advertising the latest ‘miracle’ drug one week and another’s recall and lawsuits the next, and who-or what-should you trust? I’d read a book about the side effects of milk about four years ago, and the assorted ills it can cause. Since one of those ills is an earache, and since Joelle had been plagued by yearly earaches since she was one, I took her off the ‘necessary’ milk a child needed at that time. And guess what? In the last four years she’s only had one, and that came about because of multiple consecutive days drinking holiday eggnog. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Multiply such revelations by many, many others, and you can see what our last two days have been like. Thank goodness they’re taping everything for us, because I can’t remember half of what I’ve been hearing, and not being able to write very well has compromised my note-taking abilities.


Tonight my head was stuffed so full of information when I came home that I checked out and took that nap. Now I’m sitting here typing while doing laundry, waiting until it’s dry and it’s officially bedtime. So, signing off, I look forward to more revelations about uric acid, albumin, and globulin.


Oh, my.

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