I’ve been warned by multiple people that this journey we’ve embarked upon will be a series of ups and downs, and I can confirm that that’s been true. Our trip here has been a roller coaster ride, and up and down hardly describes it. The first week’s progress was negated by most of the second week’s problems, and but for some all too brief gains, I might feel like I’m coming home defeated. I’m not, but I might be. I will admit things didn’t go exactly the way I’d hoped, but I guess life never does, does it?


Paul and I took the day to do some of the things we hadn’t been able to do yet, and it was an enjoyable last day in Marble Falls (where the dentist office is) and Granite Shoals (where the condo is). I had made arrangements to get my hair cut in a third town nearby (Burnet), after I’d complimented one of the nurses at Healthy Smiles on her haircut and ended up with her stylist’s phone number. After several changed appointments because of her or my time restraints, we finally managed to get together this morning. It turned out to be fun too, when a salon full of Texas women (other stylists and customers included) began to listen to the conversation I was having with my stylist, Kristi. Soon enough we were all comparing Texas to the Northeast, with a lop-sided vote favoring Texas!


From there Paul and I did a few little chores around town, dug up some granite as souvenirs, and then decided to attend a matinee of ‘Secretariat’. That was probably the first time we’d gone to a movie together without Joelle since she was born, so it seemed downright weird! It was a really good movie though, and we came home towing Bar-B-Q for our supper. Our last day has finally gone by and the end is in sight. We’re leaving at seven tomorrow morning for Austin, to begin the long flights home. A few more ups and downs disguised as take-offs and landings and we’ll be in New York once again.


I hope to continue talking to you from there.


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