It’s five in the morning and I can’t sleep. There’s a reason for my insomnia–two reasons, really–and they’re called snoring and rain. When Paul is snoring I leave our bedroom for the couch in the Sunroom, which isn’t all bad because it’s extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, this morning it’s also raining. More like pouring, actually, and the Sunroom has that part plastic, part styrofoam type ceiling that magnifies sound. It’s so loud out there at the moment that it woke me up, hence this new blog posting. Maybe I needed a semi-sleepless night to break up the glut of rest I’ve been getting!


Whatever the reasons, I wanted to write about the pretty good day I had yesterday. I definitely didn’t need the walker, and I even skipped the cane for a while. I don’t walk perfect, but I was walking better, and that’s progress. If I contine focusing only on the uncertainities, I’d miss a few of the certainties that are also happening: Walking better is walking better, pure and simple. I did stress out a little over making supper last night (What should I make? What should I have with it? How long will it take to make it? And did I still have time to squeeze in a nap?), but that was the only problem in the day. Joely and I are also getting back into the school groove again, though it always takes her a few days to buckle down after time off. I have an easier time with that, I think, because I find any kind of learning interesting. I enjoy teaching her things I probably missed my first time around, 30 or so years ago! It’s true that we don’t seem to pay attention to things when we’re younger, and I appreciate this ‘do-over’ of school with my daughter much more than I probably liked doing it the first time through. Maybe she’ll grow up to homeschool her own kids, and then discover that school really is kind of fun!


The weather here in New York has been interesting, and in late October we’re having a warm spell. I don’t miss Texas quite so much now as I did when I first came home because we’ve just had two beautiful, warm, sunny days, but this morning’s rain is likely to bring down the last of the leaves. I guess that’s still better than Gayle’s husband in Utah saying they got three inches of snow there! I’m happy to say our unexpected 64 degrees at 5:30 AM looks mighty good in comparison. Winter may be coming, but the delay in its arrival is lovely. Here’s hoping that delay will also give me more recovery time before I have to start walking in snow again. Or in ice. Snow gives a much softer landing than ice does! I do miss Marble Falls though, and wonder how long it will take before I feel the need to return?


Forget San Francisco–I think I left my heart in Texas!

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