Well, it’s been nearly three days on the antibiotic, and the results haven’t been bad like they were the first time through. In truth, things have been a whole lot better, making me wonder if the fact that I was fresh out of surgery with a lowered immune system the last time what made the problems then? My mouth is feeling better day by day, though it’s certainly not perfect yet. It is a relief to be out of pain for the most part, and I pray things will continue to get better. I was impressed (by the Spirit) the other night to simply ask God to heal my mouth, because though I always think that I should pray for others, I seldom do so for myself. But didn’t God say ‘Ask and you shall receive (Matt 7:7-8)?’ He didn’t say ‘Rely on someone else to ask’, or ‘Go to others to ask’ (not that you can’t do that too), but on that night He simply told me to ‘Ask’. Personally. And to keep on asking (which is how the Amplified Bible translates it). He also counseled me (by bringing James 4:2-3 to mind) that we often don’t get things because we don’t ask for things.


That said, the end result was this: I asked with a humble heart (and a hurting mouth) and have felt things improve. My overall attitude is better too, and sleeping a large portion of the weekend away did have its benefits. (What I really want to know though, is this: Did I miss turning a year older if I missed celebrating my birthday?) I’ve been averaging about 8 to 8 and 1/2 hours of sleep per night the last couple of nights (because I know everyone wants to hear about how much sleep I get!), and this morning I woke up with two cats on top of me and a dog licking my face! OK, so I coud have done without the dog licks, but they were all certainly being supportive!


So, there it is, the view from the last few days out on a limb. The limb here in New York is definitely stronger than the limb was in Texas, though I don’t think the state has anything to do with it–more like my state of mind and body at the time, instead. I’ve forced myself to make an easy week of it by making voting (already done it) my only reason to go anywhere until Saturday though, in hopes that that will add more recovery time to my balance sheet, as well as to my balance!


Until the next time then, I only need to keep on keeping on (asking, walking, praising, and smiling!) God bless you until then too.