Have you ever flown into a busy airport and then been put in a holding pattern because you have to wait to land? That happened to Paul and I on the way home from Hawaii in 2005, when we were flying in fom LAX to O’Hare and had to wait in line to land for over 30 minutes. That landing was also complicated by a problem with wind shear, and we were warned it might be a rough landing.


There were two reasons why  I wasn’t scared that day though, and both are worthy of notice. Number one was that I was flying with Paul, who not only flies often enough to understand the situation completely, but who had also taken flying lessons in his past. His knowledge, relayed to me as we circled above the airport, made the time interesting instead of frightening, and that was a very good thing. Number two, though, was an even better thing, because we had one of the funniest pilots I’ve ever flown with, who had the driest wit imaginable. His informatory commentary throughout a bumpy flight had kept us amused and laughing at a time when people might have otherwise been uncertain or confused. I wish I had written down his name, because it was the most turbulent flight I’d ever been on and yet it was also the most pleasant. And oh, guess what? That pilot got us down perfectly, making an incredibly smooth landing at a time when things might have gone far differently.


So, what does any of that have to do with my life right now? Well, I guess I counting the blessings in my current situation, and the same two reasons are as important today as they were that day when we flew in to Chicago. Number one is that my flight companion throughout all these dental work problems is still my ‘caregiver’ husband, whose opinion and help has been invaluable all along this bumpy ‘flight’. Because Joely had a birthday party to go to on Saturday evening, Paul and I were able to spend a little time out alone that night, going shopping first for a few things I’ve been wanting and/or needing (other than groceries), and then going out for supper as a couple, something that seldom seems to happen when you only have one child. You just don’t bother finding a sitter when it’s only for one child, you merely take her with! The evening was carefree though, and we had an amusing dinner alone that refreshed my spirit and allowed us time to discuss some upcoming decisions we are facing in areas besides my dental work!


The second reason to count my blessings is another logical deduction: My pilot for this trip is also one I trust implicitly, and His commentary via His word has been informative and amusing. Sunday morning’s normal Bible reading had not one, not two, but three different touchstone verses that were very applicable for my life right now, and I started my day of rest with a calm heart. Though I may be experiencing a little wind shear right now, Providence still leads me.


And despite the current holding pattern, I don’t doubt that the eventual landing will be a smooth one, too.