‘Now what?’ is the newest question to face in this rather simple quest to be pain free. Taking Dr. Mark’s and Dr. Lane’s combined advice (to find an oral surgeon closer to home to do any extractions I might need), I called the only oral surgeons in Pittsfield, MA (twenty minutes away) that came up on the internet. After discovering that they were pretty much booked solid until the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, I explained my pain and how long I’d been in it, which got me in a little sooner: This coming Monday, the 22nd, in the afternoon. Needless to say I was happy they’d squeeze me in, and took the appointment gratefully.


I emailed Dr. Lane with the specifics, because she had said she would try to contact anyone I saw before I saw them this time, so they would have a better idea of what I’d been going through. I am hopeful that that will sort of ‘grease’ the learning curve a little and bring them up to date on what I need. I am discouraged about entering another office and explaining (again!) what I did in Texas, what is going on now, and what I need from them. First, because the response from a ‘biological’ dentist up here in the Great Northeast wasn’t all that encouraging, and second, because no one seems to think that going mercury-free is the least bit important. I mean, I was honestly asked, “What’s wrong with a root canal anyway? It saves the tooth, doesn’t it?”


I guess I could understand that if I didn’t have six years worth of facts and figures to back up my observations about my physical regression, and a massive quantity of research online or in books (not just those by Dr. Huggins) to pinpoint what IS wrong with root canals. I won’t change my mind about the associated ills caused by dentists and endodontists, and they don’t seem to want to change their minds about what they might be doing to people.


That would be a stalemate, I guess. And though that may not be the best state of mind to take to a new office, it’s all I’ve got tonight. I’ll let you know what I have tomorrow when I get there.

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