We have a Thursday evening Bible study with another family every two weeks that is always a wonderful addition to our Sunday morning church. On this particular Thursday (01/06/11), my day lined up in an interesting way. Last week I was really tired, and I have to say I was thrilled (and guilty for feeling that way) when the other family’s father called to say that most everyone at his house was sick, and asked if we could put off meeting for another week


This week went much better, because Paul had to go into town during the afternoon. He picked up some subs for supper (not a good food choice, but convenient), which at least got me out of having to rush around making something before we left at 6:00 PM and saved me some energy. Rumors of another big storm were swirling too, and we were almost out of gas. Adding all those things together, we put off our plans to go shopping the following day and decided to hit the local gas station and grocery store after the Bible study was over at 8:30 PM.


Bible study completed, we drove the two or so miles to the store and went shopping. Now shopping is usually an endurance event for me, and evenings are my worst (as in, most tired) time of the day, so I wasn’t just surprised, but happily shocked when I got to the store and found that I still felt OK. I was not only feeling well though, but continued walking well too as I pushed the cart around like the wheeled walker it resembles. I was amazed when I got through an hour’s worth of shopping and was still able to move as we headed out the door. It was wonderful to be able to lift my feet and not drag them, and even though we didn’t get home until almost 10:00 PM, I wasn’t completely exhausted. We’d gone to Bible study, we’d gotten the truck filled with gas, groceries were home before the storm hit, and I was still moving!


Asking my husband’s favorite question, I wanted to know why. Why had I felt so much better? I had to know what I’d done different not because I was unhappy, but because if it was something I’d done, I wanted to do it again! It only took a minute before I realized that yes, I had done one thing that week that I hadn’t done for some time, and it was an unexpected answer. Ever since I’ve returned home from Texas I haven’t felt well enough, or tough enough, to face the trip to my basement to get back to exercising twice a week like I’ve done for the previous six (and more) years. I just hadn’t wanted to face those stairs, and the pain I’d been in was only another reason to put if off. But at the year’s end I’d faced the guilt and the excuses I’ve been finding to put it off, and decided (like millions of other people!) that the New Year is the perfect time to start anew. Forcing myself onward, I went down to my exercise machines on Tuesday (01/04/11) and began the year off right. I barely made it back upstairs after my usual forty-five minute routine, but the results of doing so say it was worth the extra effort and aggravation if it meant that two short days later I would be moving much better.


So, have I been given a brief glimpse of the future? I hope so. You have to know I was encouraged enough to be downstairs the next morning too, making sure I returned to my two times a week schedule. I bet you don’t blame me for doing so either, do you?

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