That’s what I feel about the reporting of the Arizona tragedy.  The shooting is bad enough, but the blatant self-serving self-promotion of many politicians, pundits and “reporters” is enough to make a vulture vomit!

It’s bad enough that we’ve come to expect our political class to twist and spin any event to advance their agenda, but watching the media do the same is beyond the pale.  And people wonder why Congress receives such low opinion ratings and the major media outlets are losing viewers and readers faster then rats from a sinking ship.  Lets face it, we can’t trust a thing either of them say.  “Damn the facts, full speed ahead” has become their standard modus-operandi and it makes me sick.  Whether it’s left-wingers saying it’s the right-wing rhetoric that “caused” this tragedy (even after admitting there is no evidence to support that statement), Republicans blaming Democrats for over-reacting, or both sides using this tragedy to promote gun-control, special privileges for members of congress, or just raising money, the current state of political and media affairs in this country can only be described in one word.