OK, here’s Part Two in my on-going pursuit of good health and the complications that have arisen in that process. In the middle of interviewing for a job change (Paul) and looking into the best trip to make to solve my problems (Pamela), we came upon yet more complications. So here they are: Late Tuesday Paul accepted the new job, and on Wednesday morning he called Dr. Grube’s office in Scranton, PA, to discuss the possibility of getting this needed dental work done there before he changes jobs. Since it’s a three and a half to four hour trip to where she is (in winter weather), I didn’t go to her last November merely because of the distance. Would it be feasible to go there now, in hopes that getting this work done quickly might make a difference in my health?


The woman in Dr. Grube’s office was very nice as she took all our information and listened to our request: How soon could we possibly get any work done? And how much would it cost? After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (just kidding!), we discovered that it would still be cheaper and more reasonable to consolidate our needs and get all the work done in Texas. Dr. Lane had promised to clean out the cavitation for free because the teeth I’d had to have extracted up here had been worked on last by her. Though that was something I’ve never blamed her for, it is also something I will appreciate financially if it should come to pass. In comparison, a car trip to Scranton, the motel stay, and doing the intermediate dental work there (cleaning out the cavitations with the added cost of sedation and possible intravenous Vitamin C) would cost more than the air fare to Texas for the three of us. And since that was something we’d still have to face at a later date, we had to pause and think this out logically. The sheer reality of the numbers made the facts pretty plain, and going to Texas would give me the added bonus of being able to finish the rest of my dental work (getting a partial plate and a bridge) at the same time. In all respects flying to a warm western place looked more inviting than driving to a snowy place up here in the north, and we could kill two birds with one proverbial stone if on the same visit we could also finish the rest of the work I need to get done.


In the meantime, my husband is untangling himself from his old job (leaving a company after 13 years takes quite a bit of untangling, of equipment and friendships) and getting ready for the new. In and amongst the changes that has required, we’ve been trying to plan for a return trip to sunny Texas. Best of all though, after Paul explained that he might need to take his wife west for a week for health reasons, his new boss responded by saying that he could take time off for that as soon as necessary and that he could earn (or accrue) the vacation time after his return. How cool is that?


So, at this point, I guess we’re up to date. As things continue to change, one thing remains the same: God is still in control and His Providence hasn’t failed me yet. And now, when faced with that most perplexing question (“Which way do I go?”), the answer appears to be straightforward.


I should go back to Texas.

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