There is this strange phenomenon I’ve discovered over the years: Life goes on with or without our approval. We can think we’ve had enough of something, or too much of something, and still it continues. It goes on and on no matter the circumstances, as we also should. Just put one foot in front of another and keep walking, because many times that’s all we can do.


Well, that’s what most people can do. I’m still having a little trouble with the ‘walking’ part, but we’re working on that. Our plans are beginning to firm up for our return trip to Texas, where I hope my ability to ‘keep walking’ will improve dramatically. We finally set a date and bought our airline tickets for the last full week in May (the 21st-28th), which is the first week Paul will have available to take off from his new job. Ironically, it is also the second week of Dr. Huggins next Clinic, which means we will be in Marble Falls the week the actual teaching/learning will be going on. I wonder if we’d be able to sit in? I wouldn’t mind going through those classes again, though I’m not sure Dr. Huggins would like to put up with us twice! We’ve obviously been in contact with Nunnally and Freeman (Healthy Smiles for Life) too, and have made all the appointments necessary to finish up my dental work and to get Paul’s mercury fillings replaced as well. We even have an appointment for Joelle, because though she does not have any mercury in her mouth (and never will if I have anything to say about it!) she is having a few problems with her permanent teeth as they come in. For some reason the new teeth on the right side are growing in over-top and then alongside the baby teeth, which they are not loosening or pushing out. So while we’re down there we’ll get her teeth cleaned (it’s been six months since that was done up here, so that’s right on schedule) and then looked at by Dr. Freeman to see if anything needs to be pulled.


In the meantime, we been trying to get all the other pieces together, and it’s an odd lot of things to get done. After the plane tickets, we need to make reservations for the hotel, because we’re not getting a condo this time. Though we’d like the extra space, especially since Joely is joining us this time (because she’d never forgive us if we went to Texas a second time without her!), the inconvenience of being almost eight miles away from everyone else left us out of the loop on many occasions the last time. This time we’ll be in the loop, but not really a part of it, so that’s definitely going to be strange in its own way.


Right here and right now though, we need to focus on what else can be done. Putting an entire household on pause is a job unto itself sometimes, and I have a checklist prepared: Make arrangement to board our collie and finalize dates with my mom to come daily to feed our two cats. I’ll have three sets of lugguge to pack, most of which I’ll have to oversee because Paul is going to be in San Jose, CA, right up till the day before we leave for Texas. He will be taking a red-eye home Thursday-Friday May 19th-20th, and then turning around and flying out again the following day with us. We will be flying out of Hartford, CT, again, which is almost an hour and a half away, so we’ll have to add car travel time into the mix too. The bad news is I probably won’t have time to do his laundry from that first work week of his before we leave, which means all those clothes plus the ones we bring back from Texas will need to be washed when we finally get home again.


Oh, well, as stated earlier, life, like laundry, goes on! We may catch up, but we’re never really ahead. Quite honestly, I’ll feel blessed if I can simply stay even!


From there, I hope I’ll be able to just keep washing–and maybe start walking again too!

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