I woke up early this morning and began the counting game again: One week to go. Next Saturday morning we will be up and moving early because we will be on our way to the airport. Then I wondered who else might be doing that this morning, and imagined the new people who’d be arriving for the Clinic beginning in Texas tomorrow night. How many will there be? And what states will they come from? I thought about the adventure they are stepping into, as well. I remembered how my hopes had been at their peak as we traveled there last fall, and what things had happened over the last eight months to modify them. Have the things that have happened since then changed my outlook?


The short answer is: No, not really. More than anything I remember my all-too-brief improvements and how much better I had felt after I first had the surgery. Can I recapture that? I sure hope so. The fact that I had two teeth go bad after that trip tipped the scale in the wrong direction as far as my health was concerned, but it doesn’t change the premise of my eventual recovery, or my belief in it. I still think the science is sound–mercury removal is important to my overall health–and I still believe things will improve again after I have these two new cavitations cleaned out. The fact that I live so far away from the solution to this problem has been the difficult issue, but that’s not something the dentist can change for me.


For now, I’m looking at the things that still have to get done beforehand. Paul will be leaving for San Jose, CA, early (very early!) Monday morning, and won’t be home until Friday afternoon. From there, we’ll finish packing, drop off the dog at the kennel, and be up and ready to leave next Saturday morning. It’s been a long time coming, and I can hardly believe it’s here. Joely is excited about going too because, as she declares, it will be her first trip out of the eastern time zone! We’re looking forward to showing her around the parts of Texas we know, and taking her to some of the places we saw when we were there the last time. In between that though, all three of us will have work done, and I’m sure the week there will go faster than than the one up here.  In the here and now though, I’m simply doing the things that have to get done, and waiting once again.


Seven days–and counting!

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