Here we are, five days into our trip to Texas, and it’s three days from coming home before I’ve gotten the chance and energy to write. We’ve been up at six every day but Sunday and today, Thursday, and the time has gone by so fast I can hardly believe it’s almost over. My surgery (a replacement tooth in front and drilling out the two cavitations) went well and quickly Monday morning, and I haven’t had much pain. On Tuesday Paul’s full revision was done (seven fillings drilled out and replaced and two cavitations), while Joely got a cleaning and exam on Wednesday, and some extractions and one filling done today. All in all we’re doing well, and looking forward to coming home so we can get some rest. The temperature down here has been in the high 90’s, and the best part of that (at least for Joely!) has been the hotel pool and the air conditioning.


My surgery has not provided any easy answers (as usual) and no easy solutions. Unlike the last time, when I had a quick impovement, this time hasn’t changed anything. Even worse, my blood was so messed up the IV tech couldn’t get a good blood draw. We didn’t find out until this morning that the chemistry numbers we were expecting today weren’t done, because the blood clotted before they could test it. That weird and unusual problem has kept us from another answer (of course!) though Dr. Huggins is working on a solution. Using the numbers from last October and the facts in his brain, he’s working backwards trying to find a logical reason for all the symptoms I’ve been having,


In the end, we’ve done most of what we’ve come here to do. Tomorrow I’ll get my new partial plate, and we’ll order some more supplements, which is the end of our to-do list here for this visit. From there I plan on giving more details after we get home. 

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