This will be the shortest entry to date as we “batten the hatches” and get ready for the coming storm this evening or tomorrow morning. We are not used to having the kind of weather that is predicted with Hurricaine Irene’s arrival, and though we are miles inland, we are directly in it’s expected path. This morning (Saturday) is our chance to do all the necessary things like picking up and putting away flower pots, furniture, etc., that could cause problems (Joely’s jobs), making sure our generator can be up and running and getting last minute goods like milk and eggs that we’re almost out of (Paul’s jobs), while I’m in charge of kitchen work (food production and washing up every dirty dish). We don’t know if (or when) the power will go out, though it’s best to expect it will. From here we will be shutting down our computers and preparing for a lot of wind and rain, which means I won’t be writing this week’s blog until after the storm is past.


To those of you on the east coast who are in the same boat (so to speak), trust God to keep you safe and we will do the same.

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