Hurricane Irene turned out to be less than expected, for us at least, though I’m not discounting the problems she’s caused all the way up the northeast for everyone else. We somehow ended up in a protected area as the storm split and went around us in two directions, traveling up the state of New York and into Vermont on the northwestern side and into Springfield, Massachusetts to the east. Other than 7 or so inches of rain, it missed us almost entirely with its predicted winds. Murphy’s Law says it was because we’d made every necessary precaution we’d needed in advance! Many jugs and bathtubs of water were filled for emergency use, as well as batteries charged for flashlights in the event of a power outtage. That’s something we seldom have to do up north except in the winter for blizzards, but somehow we accomplished what was necessary. And maybe that was why it split to the west and the east, and created havoc almost everywhere but around the New York/Massachusetts border where we live. Yes, we had flooding in our area and several trees downed, but our house is located in a high spot and mostly missed that too (we lost only one old, dead tree), though not everyone in our town was a blessed as we were.  So trust me, I’m not complaining, though it certainly was unusual.


Saturday night turned out to be a fun evening instead, as we played games as a family and waited for the power to go out. It never did, and we enjoyed listening to the rain and playing on the Wii we’d recently purchased. Instead of huddling in the almost dark, we played those computer games and went to bed at our normal hour. After the long buildup getting ready for this storm, this was anti-climatic in a good way. The following day was more rain still, but the conditions never worsened.


As for me, I’ll be getting back to a normal blog next week, now that this weather excitement is over. I pray for those whose lives were not as uneventful, and hope for a rapid repair to whatever problems they may now face.

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