Now that the excitement of preparing for hurricanes and dealing with their aftermath has faded (for us at least), the focus has shifted back to what’s happening on the health front. My ability to walk has continued to deteriorate, and there is no good news to be seen there. We have been waiting since the end of May for an update from Dr. Huggins about the result from the DNA testing that was done in Texas when those two cavitations were cleaned out, a long wait that finally came to an end when Paul (sort of) lost his temper and demanded results. I have been steadily getting worse, not better, since we returned from that May trip, and I can barely move around some days, even with the help of the walker. My house is NOT handicapped accessible, and if I go any lower in this struggle the next step is a wheelchair. Then what? (Maybe I should have taken all the money we’ve spent on this and put it in to retrofitting my house?) Needless to say Paul has also grown frustrated about the long wait for answers since we last updated things (a conference call in June), especially since the information was available then but had not been reviewed yet. We are not trying to be difficult, but enough time has passed without any answers and/or direction.


We did eventually have another phone consultation with Dr. Huggins last week (September 7th), in which the results from May were reviewed and discussed. Another low-dose antibiotic was prescribed, this time one that I’m to take for nine weeks on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. Unfortunately I knew I was allergic to the first choice Doc wanted to prescribe, but another was found that should be equally effective. I began taking it Monday (September 12th), and was relieved to discover no ill effects. I am allergic to so many antibiotics that each and every time I take a new one it seems like playing a game of Russian Roulette: Is this one going to cause problems too? I’m relieved to say that so far that hasn’t happened. Tonight I took my second dose with no ill effects, so at least an allergic reaction doesn’t seem to be something I have to worry about right now. Doc said there was a boatload of nasty critters in that DNA sample though, critters that could have caused a whole lot more problems than just neurological ones. So in a way I guess I’m lucky; I haven’t had any of the obvious heart, kidney, or other problems mentioned that could have arisen from these pathogens; only my ability to walk has been impaired (or is that ‘more impaired’?). I’m pretty sure that’s a positive, though the walking thing, or should I say the ‘not walking thing,’ might have somewhat skewed my ability to discern gradations in negatives. I have tried to look on the bright side as much as possible, and try never to dwell in depression, but I am rapidly closing in the the one year anniversary since we began this ‘experiment.’ I am wondering what I have to show for all the time, travel, and money we have expended, and wondering too, what I have to show for it? A month of better movement last November that never lasted?


I think next time I will be discussing that exact subject in more detail. I plan to revisit some of those posts I wrote last September and review some of the hopes and goals stated at the beginning of this journey.


I wonder how things will stand up under such scutiny?

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