The last time I wrote I had mentioned that I’d planned, over this past week, to go back and reread last fall’s postings to this blog to review where I was then and what I was hoping to accomplish by this journey I’d undertaken, but that didn’t happen. I’d forgotten that Joely and I would be beginning school this week, and trying to get back into the swing of that left little time for other things. I still plan to do that, just not this week!


There have been other changes going on though, and at least they have been hopeful. As of Wednesday (September 21st) we upped my new medication (Minocycline) to a full capsule instead of cutting the dose in half, and I’m relieved to say that there have been no ill effects. That in itself is an improvement of sorts, because one of the pills I took a few months ago (Trimethoprim) just sort of knocked me down and hardly allowed me to get back up. I had such an adverse reaction to that pill we had to cut it into thirds before I could function again at all, and I never felt good taking it (which took over three weeks in total before it was done). This one has been different though, and easier to handle. It has even given me two evenings of better mobility, allowing me to get into bed without a struggle and even making it possible to roll over more easily once I was there. That might sound like a little thing, but trust me, it’s not. I’ve have been steadily moving backwards lately, and rolling over in bed had again become as big of a challenge as it was last September before I went to Texas the first time. Putting on my socks and shoes was nearly as bad as it had been then too, or as bad as when I was on the Trimethoprim. It’s a relief to take a medicine that might be killing the bad things in my system without my feeling like it’s killing me in the process!


Needless to say, I have been a bit more hopeful this week than last, and that is also a good thing. I’m tired of struggling and constantly going downhill, and frankly, I’m tired of being tired! It is refreshing to feel an improvement of ANY sort, and I just wanted to share that. As I’d said last week, coming up on my one year anniversary of my revision still makes me wonder what I have to show for it, and how I feel about it. Some people I’ve been in contact with have had dramatic changes, and some others are in it for the long haul with slow improvements. As for me, I have often felt like I’ve been one of the few who have had little improvement and little to show for the time I’ve spent. It remains unclear how much improvement I might eventually have, but this week has at least lightened my outlook about that.


Let’s pray things continue to improve from here.

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