Press Release: Study the Constitution at the New Lebanon Library (Sept. 8, 2014)


(New Lebanon) Constitution enthusiast Paul Engel will conduct a bi-weekly discussion group focusing on the study of the American Constitution at the New Lebanon Library beginning on Monday, September 8th, at 7:00 pm. Interested participants should bring their questions and be ready to share their opinions. This group is free and open to the public.

Along with the Constitution, Paul Engel has studied the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, and numerous books and articles on the topic. His plan is to focus on the actual words of the Constitution and, in doing so, to help build a better understanding of what founded this country. “I see the group as a modern-day version of the tavern discussion,” he explains. “All points of view are welcome.”

Paul Engel is a self-proclaimed professional computer geek and has been one for thirty years. He also moderates an online forum devoted to constitutional study. He lives in New Lebanon with his wife and daughter.

For further information event, please call the New Lebanon Library (518) 794-8844. The library is located at 550 State Route 20, 1/4 mile north of the yellow blinking light at the intersection of Routes 20/22.    

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