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Engel Update 2017

The Pool Table After many years of wanting one, we finally have a place where we can put a pool table. So in early January (01/02/17) we got one. It was fascinating to watch it being put together (complicated!), but the delivery/set-up guys loved where it was going (right inside our front door!). Best of…

Engel Update 2016

2016 has been an interesting year for the Engel family.  And it started out white! Snow in Tennessee!   So yes, it does snow in Tennessee!  This picture is from a Friday morning early in the year.  Sure enough, we got a call that afternoon that church was canceled for Sunday due to the snow….

GSX 2016

I was going through some pictures and found these.  Thought I share them here.

Billy Dean Concert

One of Pamela’s favorite artist.  We had a great night watching him at the Franklin Theater.

Naphtali Rothrock Concert

A Trip to the State Capital

Joelle and I were invited to join State Senator Tracey at the capital.  Joelle paged and we got our picture take with Senator Tracey and the Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey.

Scriptural Officers

In The Baptist Faith and Message Section VI. The Church, it states “[the church’s] scriptural officers are pastors and deacons.”  Based on my research this is not the church officers shown in Scripture.   Poimen is only translated “pastor” in Eph 4:11 (KJV & NKJV), where it is included in a list of people given to…

Engel Update 2015

For those of you who may not know, the biggest change for the Engel family in 2015 is our move from New York to Tennessee. We are political refugees from the State of New York!  No longer citizens of the empire, long live the republic!…

Jimmy Wayne Concert

Driving home we spotted a bill board for a Jimmy Wayne concert.  Sure enough, we went and had a great time. Joelle bought a copy of his book and got her picture taken.

Joelle’s T-Shirts