Right now, Pamela is in surgery and I’m getting some stuff done back in the condo.  She probably won’t be very coherent when we get back, so I’ll probably make the post tonight.  

However, I did want to write about our first consultation yesterday.

We had met and discussed the treatment with the team (Huggins, Nunnally & Freeman) but this was our first consultation with Dr. Huggins.  What impressed me was the way Dr. Huggins diagnosed Pamela.

At work I am frequently asked to comment on the performance of a computer system.  To do this I look at performance and other logs to determine how the system is working, then make recommendations on enhancements.  What I saw Dr. Huggins do is very similar.  While I analyze computer system performance, he analyzes bio systems performance.  While I use logs for my analysis, he uses blood and hair chemistries.  He would look at the chemistry and ask Pamela something specific (like do you eat bananas or how much water do you drink) and describe how these impacted the chemistry.  Often he predicted what changes we will see in the follow-up chemistry, several times saying this was an educated guess (my terminology) and that the chemistry would tell the tale.  This, more then anything else, has given me confidence in the procedures Pamela is going through.

The other thing I especially noticed is how Dr. Huggins taught those he worked with.  Rather than just telling them what this value or that relationship meant, he asked what I think is the most important question: Why?  It wasn’t enough to simply repeat facts and figures they had learned, he wanted them to understand WHY those values and relationships meant what they meant.  (How else would they be able to use the information in the real world?)

I was skeptical about this procedure at first.  When Pamela first brought up Dr. Huggins, I was skeptical.  (There are enough “do this and you’ll be better” gimmicks out there for everyone.)  Of course I Googled him to see what was said.  The first articles made me more skeptical, but as I read more articles & some of his books, and learned more about what Dr. Huggins was doing, I became more comfortable with giving this a try.  I guess seeing Dr. Huggins’ consultation gave the analytical side of me more confidence in his procedures.


More tonight.

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