Today was my waiting day. It wasn’t really hard to wait because I got to sleep a little later (7:00 AM), have a good breakfast (that Paul cooked and cleaned up from), and then go for a massage with Trish (where I could just lie still and relax). How hard was that? I loved the massage most of all, and I had another wonderful talk about God and the people of Healthy Smiles with Trish. The hour went too fast, and the only good part about its end was the fact that I get to have another one on Friday!


We returned to the condo from the spa and then went back to Healthy Smiles a little before 2:00 PM for our appointment with Dr. Huggins. That took a little over two hours and was a meeting designed as Body Chemistry 101, with many questions and answers. Interestingly, I have some very good markers (amount of exercise I do and his perfect number for cholesterol) as well as some pretty bad but pretty technical ones. I can’t get into details right now because I don’t understand all this stuff yet myself, but next week’s classes will probably expand my understanding of what was said, done, and decided. I got my complementary supplements and Paul got the directions for using them because he is going to be the one watching over the timing and delivery of those supplements, as well as whatever ‘mushy’ food I’ll be eating for the next couple of days.


Dr. Huggins himself is a joy to be around, with a sly sense of humor that appeals to both Paul and me. He seems to challenge everyone to figure things out for themselves, and then gives them the time to try to do so. It’s a good way to learn, and the time went quickly. It definitely made we look forward to next week, and five days of actual lessons based on his many years of study.


We left the office with a ‘firm suggestion’ that I have a big protein supper like steak, something that was easy to comply with. On the way home though, I kept talking about all the granite quarries and the huge blocks laying all around the town where we’re staying: Granite Shoals. Paul responded to my desire to take a small piece home as a souvenir by finding a big pile of rocks and stopping to dig out a few small pieces for me. Is that love in action, or what?


So, with the waiting almost over, I’ll sign off and finish up the day. Tomorrow morning will come early, and it will be a long day of surgery and the happy dreams of conscious sedation. Notes from the caretaker will begin tomorrow, so stop by and read about this process from a husband’s/caregiver’s point of view.


Isaiah 40:31

Hebrews 12:12-13