This weekend was not the weekend I expected-or wanted-it to be. I woke up Sunday morning after having a second night of very little sleep (two nights of three hours each). In those hours of un-sleep I began to become a little unhinged. I was angry at Paul for snoring and waking me up, and I was angry that I was the one that had to move to the uncomfortable living room couch (again). I was angry that I couldn’t get back to sleep, and I was angry that after two nights of little sleep I was regressing. My walking was clearly affected, and I had gone back to where I was when I’d arrived


Free fall hadn’t had a soft landing. I decided to start writing that morning, but the title didn’t look encouraging: Tales From An Angry Texas Rattlesnake. All this venom, coming out on an early Sunday morning? I didn’t get more than two sentences written when God sort of took the matter out of my hand, crashing the internet connection and deleting what little bit I’d written but hadn’t yet saved. Deciding that there must have been a message in that, I decided to take an actual day of rest and not write any more. We had talked about taking a day trip to view the Alamo, but I wasn’t up for it. We did nothing instead, and by 9:30 PM I was in bed.


To wake back up at 11:15. Paul had volunteered to sleep on the uncomfortable couch in hopes that I’d get some rest, but that didn’t happen either. Two hours of sleep and I was awake again until 5:00 AM, when I finally slept till 6:00. Another three hour night was not what I’d hoped for, and I was up several times to eat so I could take some Motrin. It was maybe 6:30 AM before the puzzle pieces began to make some sort of sense. 1) I hadn’t slept well since the pain medicine had ended on Friday, had I? 2) Even 800 milligrams of Motrin wasn’t strong enough to cover the pain, because I was getting up every four hours to take more pills. 3) Finally, I realized I wasn’t able to sleep on the right side of my face. Since I’d figured that the Motrin would have been strong enough to get me through the last of the pain, I suddenly realized it wasn’t. Getting up to take a shower at 6:45, I decided we needed to call the doctor. Something was wrong, and I wasn’t feeling better, I was feeling worse. I was also an emotional wreck, something that seldom happens to me.


Sure enough, when we called Dr. Freeman she said people often needed more pain medicine, but she also wanted someone to look at my mouth. It was her day off, but we were able to see another of Healthy Smiles’ dentists before 9:00, so we could get to the hotel to start the week’s video and lecture lessons. It was discovered that I had a small infection under one of my temporary crowns, which meant the pain prescription needed to be accompanied by an antibiotic as well. At 10:30 AM I was able to take the first pain pill, which helped immensely. The antibiotics will go for ten days though, so we’ll have to wait to see how fast that works.


I don’t have the energy to write about the day’s lesson tonight, so I’ll take them up tomorrow. They were amusing and engrossing enough to keep even me awake till 6:00 PM, so that says something. Right now though, it’s 9:00 PM Texas time, and I’m ready for bed.


I sure hope I’ll sleep tonight.

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